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The 2023 Turner Classic Movie Festival (TCM) is back to the big screen April 13-16.

The TCM Film Festival all together now: back to the big screen April 13-16, 2023

Held over four days in the heart of Hollywood. the TCM Classic Film Festival is a place where movie lovers from around the world can gather to experience classic movies as they were meant to be experienced: on the big screen, In some of the world's most iconic venues, with people who made them. Moreover, the TCM Classic Film Festival strives to be a place where a community of movie fans of all ages can share their love of classic movies with each other, make new friends and see films as they are seldom seen today. 

In 2023, as Warner Bros. commemorates its 100th Anniversary, the TCM Classic Film Festival celebrates the stories, traditions, and rituals in film that transcend time. These enduring stories are a foundation of lasting impact on the world, big and small, good and bad, and remain a springboard to the future. The continued legacy is seen in the four Warner brothers, who worked together on behalf of a family business that became a global brand that has affected millions. It is seen in the traditions that are part of a story’s narrative arc, ones that create a sense of belonging for characters, whether they be weddings, funerals, holiday gatherings, or other personal touchstones. Legacy is expressed in family stories passed down, skills and talents transferred from the old to the young, and the values and ideals that drive individuals. There are also tales of legacy denied, of characters turning away from what has been set before them. This enduring legacy reveals that the past can meet the present and forge the future.

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is the largest book festival in the country and will celebrate its 28th Anniversary University of Southern California Saturday & Sunday, April 22 & 23, 2023. The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books will feature indoor and outdoor events, hundreds of exhibitor booths, author signings, performances and free activities. Best selling writers, musicians, chefs, filmmakers, culinary greats creating their latest recipes, film screenings, artists, live music and cultural entertainment.  

Since 1996 The Los Angeles Festival Of Books has become an world renown experience gathering writers, poets, artist, filmmakers, musicians and emerging storytellers like no other. Today over 150, 000 people attend, making it the largest festival of its kind in the United States. Join us this year as we celebrate our literary culture and the Los Angles Times' passion for story.


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